Artist Natalya Valevsʹka: poster of concerts 2022

Билеты Большой Весенний Концерт
28 february 19:00 thursday
Большой Весенний Концерт
Event ended

Natalya Valevsʹka


Natalia Valevskaya - is a modern and quite popular Ukrainian singer and actress, who was awarded a prize called the "Crystal Microphone", and many other equally worthy awards. Her career began in 1996, with the fact that she became interested in writing poetry and music. Three years later she took part in the contest of performers with the author's composition, where she won an unequivocal victory. Natalia Valevskaya marked 2005 for itself the fact that she became a star after she won the TV project "Chance". Since then, Ukraine has simply admired the singer. After winning the «Chance», the actress began to engage in her activities from a professional point of view. In more details - it is about participating in a musical called "Cats" or about getting the UBN Award in London. The first musical album of Natalia named "Let go" was released in 2006. The record consists of ukrainian and russian tracks, as well as works in italian and french. In the same year, Natalia manages to participate in the most popular and watched TV show of the country. Three years later, she founded a charity fund "Desires will come true, " which can be fully called her own initiative. In the same year, Valevskaya was lucky to receive the award of the Alla Pugacheva Contest. More specifically, A.Pugacheva was in search of talents, and Natalia just became this talent, and Diva handed her a gold star. The prima donna began to invite the actress to the "Christmas Meetings", as well as to other projects, which greatly diversified and uplifted the life cycle of Natalia, this time was considered very significant. On the offensive of 2010, Valevskaya and A. Peskov started touring together. In parallel to their active tour Natalia managed to do her third musical collection, the presentation, which the loyal fans and admirers of the singer could hear at the end of the year. The plate called "Desires will come true". Songs in this album were chosen by Alla Pugacheva. Among other things, if we go back to the topic of charity, we can safely say that Natalia really directs the financial resources to help people in need. For this nobility she was awarded to the Order of St. Stanislaus in 2008. But it was not the only order of the singer, for her career she got huge number of awards. One of the most significant was the Order of the Great Martyr Varvara II degree and the Order of St. Pr. Anthony and Theodosius. But the artist considers the main award the love of the viewer.